Deima is a small knitwear brand, founded by me, Nanna Burmeister in 2017. I've been a sewer and knitter since childhood, always making my own clothes, costumes and altering old ones.

With an everlasting love for knitwear, embroidery and sewing. a passion for great colors, natural materials and well fitted clothes. After the first hand knitted sweaters were made, demand grew and Deima became a reality, the dream i never knew i had. with the help of an amazing crew of co-workers and knitters, it stays a reality - and of course because of your support. We're all loving the work, and hopefully you will do too!

The philosophy is to create slow fashion, with a proper quality and production, to make sure our products will last, be treasured and taken well care of, for hopefully many years. We try to support local, if not, scandinavian yarn suppliers and all production is here in denmark too. Our knitted garments takes from 35+ hours to produce, all by hand, with only the finest yarn qualities there is. Each garment has been tested thoroughly, to make sure it will stand being used. A lot.

We hope, that the fact that you can have a say in the design process, and the ability to get a custom design, will make sure that you will love and treasure your hand knitted item forever!