How to take care of your deima item

We encourage you to treasure and protect your hand knit garments. Not to wash unnessesarily, but air out your clothes instead of washing. This is why wool is a perfect match for us, with it’s self cleaning abilities, washing is often a total waste of warm water. 

If you - however - really need to wash your hand knitted piece, prepare a lukewarm bath with a little bit of wool soap (you don't need much!) soak in the knitwear and let it bathe for a couple of minutes. Don't touch it too much when it's in the water. Gently rinse out the soap, or purchase the kind you don't have to rinse out, and make sure not to stretch the garment while it's wet. Stretching can alter the size of your garment, so be aware of this. If you trust your washing machine, give it a spin at the lowest rpm (800-1000) and lay it flat out on a clean towel to dry. 

It sounds like a hassle - it's not, once you get to it!